Regulator Equipment Description

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Regulator Gate

The regulator gate is quadrant type and comprises a wall casting, gate body and gate shutter.  The iron wall casting is belled at its inflow to approximate the contraction of the jet of the stream.  To the wall casting is attached the gate body, and this is provided with trunnions at its side.  The gate shutter swings on these trunnions through radial hinge arms.  The gate shutter and body companion surfaces are bronze.  These surfaces are made exactly concentric permitting minimum clearance between these parts and insuring minimum water leakage. 


The float unit comprises float, float guides and travel limits.  The float is a one piece iron casting with a small cover plate to which a transmission chain is attached.   Float guides are stainless steel and wall mounted.  Travel limits are rotatable fingers mounted on the transmission shaft. 


The transmission unit comprises shaft, chain wheels and chain, counterweights, pillow blocks, roller bearings, and the beams and wall brackets to support this assembly.  The transmission shaft extends from the gate compartment to the float compartment.    The chain wheels are mounted on the shaft ends and carry the chains to the float and to the gate.  Each chain is provided with a means of adjustment.   One of the chains is arranged to carry sectional counterweights to assist in placing the equipment in proper balance.  The transmission shaft is carried in moisture-proof roller bearings.


The attention given to the design and the use of quality components provides a rugged, accurate control that will provide maximum service with minimum maintenance costs.   The experience of over fifty years of service is being combined with modern materials and manufacturing methods to produce the reliability demanded by the sewage environment.

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