Automatic Sewage Regulators

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The automatic sewage regulator comprises primarily of a regulator gate, a float and an interconnecting transmission unit arranged in such a balance that a change in the depth of flow, contacting the float, will actuate the gate. Linked through a purely mechanical transmission unit, the movement of the float actuates the gate to regulate the flow by the buoyancy forces of the flow alone. No external power source is necessary.

Prior to 1977, this rugged equipment was manufactured by Brown & Brown, Inc. of Lima, Ohio. Many improvements including material upgrades have been made to the original design. Some regulators have been in service for over 50 years.

This type of system is normally used for combined sewers, flow equalization and other similar applications. There are 37 available sizes with openings ranging from 2” high x 4” wide up to 28” high x 59-3/4 “ wide.

There are 3 general types of control. The type of control determines which flow (trunk sewer, regulating chamber or interceptor pipe) actuates the float to regulate the gate.






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