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Regulator Inspections and Reporting


Regulator Inspections

Mechanical Regulators control flow when they function as they were designed for a specific location.  A one-time or periodic inspection program can serve to confirm performance or determine the adjustments or modifications necessary to restore performance.  A typical inspection format follows step by step procedures to produce a report that is complete with site conditions, captioned photographs, required work procedures, replacement items and materials and cost estimates. 

Inspection Format - Typical

Site and Regulator Identification
Photographs of site, manholes, access covers (Sample Inspection Photos)
Confined entry authorization, process, permits
Traffic and pedestrian cautions
In-chamber atmospheric testing and monitors in place
Description of flow conditions for current time, date and weather conditions.
Accessibility for work and removal of components
Photographs of assemblies, unusual conditions (Sample Inspection Photos)
Examination of each component for position, condition, function
Access conditions, ladders, steps, rails
Surface structural conditions
Performance evaluation
Required work, replacements, debris removal, from where and in what quantity
Cost estimates for labor and material


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